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Blog full of many Vocaloid and UTAUloid pictures and songs. The purpose of this blog is to promote Vocaloid artists, and basically showcase the nice work I find! Think of this blog like an art gallery. I'll post as often as I can ...whoopie! I try to source the artwork I post to the best of my abilities. If I ever post artwork and I am unable to find the source, please feel free to reblog with the source if it is found. :) Also, if you ever run across a sourcing link I post that is broken/ does not work, please send me an ask and I'll source it properly!

If this blog ever posts artwork that is not available for reposting by mistake, please notify me and I will remove it immediately.

I don't post anything that is very NSFW.

Also... I would appreciate it if you did not delete the sources to the artwork I post- keeping the credit to the artist is the right thing to do! c:

The artwork that is posted here does not belong to me!


"サヨナラチェーンソー" @ "チェリ子"

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